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Tip and Split Calculator


With this amazing app, you can quickly use a Calculator to calculate a diner bill.Just put the meal cost and the Tip wich you can put in percentage or in fix amount.
And if you want you can Split the bill and also the Tip between you and your friends. The app do the calc for you.
And give you : - The price of the meal per person (including the tip)- The amount of the tip you gave- And finally the total price.
I specially make the app for this particular situation, when you just want to pay a dinner bill with your friends, but you don't know how much it cost!And so the waiter have to do the math, and with this app you can release the amount of stress the waiter can produce in RUSH HOUR.But you can find any other situation to use the app. Whenever you have to tip someone or to split a bill.